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Latest Group Newsletter: January 2010

History & Aims

The Particle Characterisation Group

The Particle Characterisation Group was formed in 1971 from the Particle Size Analysis Group of the Analytical Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The Group has now over 350 members representing Academia and industries such as Chemical, Food, Metallurgical and Pharmaceutical who are all interested in the techniques, methodology and instrumentation available to characterise particles and solids in terms of Particle Size, Particle Shape, Surface Area and Porosity.

The distribution of particle sizes and shapes, together with the characterisation of surfaces, has been shown to greatly influence the process of particulate and porous systems and therefore is of immense interest to manufacturers allied to the bulk powder industries, for example.

Group Aims.

The Particle Characterisation Group aims to provide a forum through which those persons with a common interest in ways to dimensionally characterise single or assemblies of particles, in the solids handling, solids fabrication and general solid particulate industries, can meet to exchange views, discuss problems and generate ideas.

It brings together diverse but interdependent specialists from many industries to provide a link between different industries and educational institutions.

Its membership embraces chemists, physicists, pharmacists, engineers -chemical, mechanical and civil - and many other scientific disciplines concerned with solving process problems which can occur when size, shape, and/or distribution of particles changes or varies.

Frequent meetings of the Particle Characterisation Group are held on a friendly and informal basis to encourage the free exchange of ideas and to promote lively discussion.
Joint meetings are held with some of the other subject groups within the Analytical division, as well as with other groups working in associated areas.

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